22.12.2017 19:50

6.12.2017 19:20

Happy half-year birthday to our amazing "A" litter! :D

2.12.2017 20:00

Yesterday we joined one-day seminar about balancing techniques "Jump on the ball" by Bc.Kateřina Plačková (PhysioDOG ACADEMY). It was amazing, we learnt a lot, and Chiquita is sleeping all the day now. :D

Another amazing news we get from Orinka (Applause for Amanda Dynastia Paulino):

NDS Walbrzych 2.12.2017 (judge: Krystyna Opara)
Applause for Amanda Dynastia Paulino - VP1, Best Baby

5.11.2017 23:50

Our "A" babies have successfully passed Prague Expo Dog Double CACIB! :)

Prague Expo Dog Double CACIB 5.11.2017 (judge: Marušková Marie - CZE)
Andorra Champagne Dynastia Paulino - VP (8)
Applause for Amanda Dynastia Paulino - VP (8)
April Love Dynastia Paulino - VP2 (8)
Aquamarine Asuria Dynastia Paulino - VP (8)

Prague Expo Dog Double CACIB 4.11.2017 (judge: Kardos Vilmos - HU)
Andorra Champagne Dynastia Paulino - P (12)
Applause for Amanda Dynastia Paulino - VP2 (12)
April Love Dynastia Paulino - VP1 (12)
Aquamarine Asuria Dynastia Paulino - P (12)
Aslan the Brave Dynastia Paulino - VP2 (4)

Big thanks to all owners who came and fighted in the ring" You were all amazing and I am over the moon!!! :)

Photo: April Love "April", Andorra Champagne "Dorry", Applause for Amanda "Orinka", Aslan the Brave "Asi", Aquamarine Asuria "Arinka"

21.10.2017 23:00

All our black and white girls joined Club Show of KCHMPP today - for two of them it was their first time in the ring! :)

Club show KCHMPP Mladá Boleslav 21.10.2017 (judge: Miroslav Václavík)
Applause for Amanda Dynastia Paulino - VP2 (9)
April Love Dynastia Paulino - VP (9)
Aquamarine Asuria Dynastia Paulino - VP (9)
Aurora Australis Dynastia Paulino - VP (9)

I would like to thank to all the amazing owners of our black and white girls, you were amazing, and I am sooo proud about the results in such a hard competition! I am looking forward to see you in Prague, also with our blodies!!! :)

Photo: Aurora Australis "Rori", April Love "April", Applause for Amanda "Orinka", Aquamarine Asuria "Arinka"

15.10.2017 15:00

Two our "A girls" joined their very first dog show today, both with amazing result! :)

NDS Jelenia Gora 15.10.2017 (judge: Beata Klawinska)
Applause for Amanda Dynastia Paulino - VP1, Best Minor Puppy

KV Rychety 15.10.2017 (judge: Zuzana Brotánková)
Aurora Australis Dynastia Paulino - VP3

Huge congrats to the girls and their owners!!! :)

Photo: Applause for Amanda "Orinka"

Photo: Aurora Australis "Rory"

12.10.2017 20:00
Chiquita met sheep again after more than one year. :) Thanks a lot for this possibility and beautiful photos (despite Chiquita is horribly naked there) to Monika Švarcová! :)

27.9.2017 21:05
Chiquita thanks a lot to Nella Semecká for her amazing care and after-puppies-therapy, which she fully enjoyed today! :)

27.9.2017 21:00
We get the Optigen results today! Chiquita is CEA/TNS/CL normal! It is not a surprise for us, we just wanted to refresh the results which Chiquita has after her grandparents. :)
16.9.2017 20:05
Arinka and April joined their first dog show "to try"! Both little girls are every day more and more beautiful! I am looking forward to meet them again! :)

6.9.2017 16:05
Happy 3rd month Birthday to our sweeties from litter "A"!!! :)

19.8.2017 23:55
April is already with her family again. :) All the puppies have their perfect home in amazing families, who are sending us a lot of beautiful photos and videos and news from their lifes! Thank you all!!! :) :)

13.8.2017 20:35
From friday there is the smallest girl April Love with us for one week holidays... :)

9.8.2017 23:55
As we promised, a photo of Rory and her new owner... :)

8.8.2017 20:55
The last one puppy, our sweet girl Rory, went to her new home today... We are looking for the photos with her new family, which includes also two dogs and two cats! :) We are mising our sweeties so much! But all of them have their perfect families, so we are happy. Now our brave mummy Chiquita will rest and regenerate a lot! :)

6.8.2017 23:30
Our puppies have 2nd month birthday today, so we wish them all the best!!! :) Rory still stay with us, so we took her to our cottage for some new experiences. :) Big thanks to the new owners, who are sending us the photos of our sweeties! :)

5.8.2017 23:00
Our only one man Asi (Aslan the Brave) went to his new home in the evening. Soon we will get a photo with whole his new pack. :)

5.8.2017 11:30
Today in the morning it was Dorry who went to her new home... :)

2.8.2017 23:10

Today we had to say goodbye to Mandy - Applause for Amanda. :) She will have a perfect new home with two dog-friends and soon we will meet her in the show ring! :)

New owner of April sent us the photos - thanks a lot! :) April and Aria are in their new homes behaving very well, just Aria cried during the first night a lot - her first days in the new family are described on her web page. :)

1.8.2017 20:50
Sad days (for us) and happy days (for new owners) are here... Today it is the first day in new home for Aria (Aquamarine Asuria) and April (April Love). I forgot to take a photo of April with the new owner, but I hope we wil get some photos from them soon. :) Good luck in your new life our little girls! :)

30.7.2017 23:50
...and the last one to go for a walk was Rory - Aurora Australis. :)

29.7.2017 22:40
Today it was the smallest from our girls who went out for a walk - April Love. :)

28.7.2017 20:20
The 4th one to go for a walk with mummy was Mandy - Applause for Amanda. :)

27.7.2017 22:50
The next one who went alone for a walk was Ari - Aquamarine Asuria. :)

26.7.2017 22:10
Today it was Asi - Aslan the Brave - who went for his first walk without sisters. :)

25.7.2017 20:50
Puppies are treated against ticks, they passed the test of nature, and Dorry went for her very first walk alone, just with her mother and auntie. :)

24.7.2017 12:00
It seems that one our little girl - Rory (Aurora Australis), is again available. Rory loves contact with people, so we are looking for a special active home for her, where she will do some sports and we would be happy, if she will try the dog shows too. :) Rory would love to live in a house or a flat with her owner, she is a little bit dependent to a man. :) If you are interested in Rory, please, write us something about yoursef and your plans with her ( info@paulino-kennel.cz ) - we will be happy to answer you everything what you would like to know. :)

22.7.2017 22:10
Just a few new photos... And Chiquita x Dorry - as mother, as daughter! :)

20.7.2017 22:40
Puppies are vaccinated and microchiped - they were soo clever and brave! Also traveling in car was no problem for them! :)

19.7.2017 23:30
6 weeks celebrated by searching pieces of dried meat between plastic bottles. :)

15.7.2017 23:30
Grandpa Timothy Foxy Fox came to visit our puppies today! Big thanks to his owner Veronika for beautiful photos! :)

8.7.2017 15:30
Chiquitas grandma (so for our puppies grand-grandma) Emily in her 15 years HERE ... :)
6.7.2017 20:20
Puppies celebrated their first month! :) All the puppies are reserved, but everybody who want to cuddle with them is welcome! :)

3.7.2017 21:50
Our puppies already enjoy also the garden and they welcome everybody who want to come to cuddle with them! :)
30.6.2017 23:50
24 days :) Puppies already have their own collars... :)

27.6.2017 22:00
All the puppies have their names and a few of teeth! :)


6.6.2017 22:00

After a really hard day we would like to welcome in our world the Litter A! :)

Male 1 - 325g

Female 1 - 348g

Female 2 - 320g

Female 3 - 346g

Female 4 - 327g

Female 5 - 341g


31.5.2017 16:20

Less than 14 days to go... Chiquita is really brave. :)


15.5.2017 23:00

We are ready! :) :)


4.5.2017 14:00
Pregnancy CONFIRMED!!! We have seen at least 5-6 puppies!!! We expect the puppies cca 11.6..! :)



17.4.2017 16:00

Chiquita wishes Happy Easter to everybody! :) :)


7.2.2017 18:00
This weekend Chiquita spent at DUO CACIB BRNO and she came back with one Ex4 and one VG. :) Big thanks for care and handling to auntie Karolina! :D
15.1.2017 04:00
Chiquita as nanny. :) :)

7.1.2017 18:00
Today Chiquita joined National Dog Show in Brno with Stáňa - and they get really nice result Ex2!!! :) Thank you so much for handling and care!!! :) Only 33 points to get Club Champion!!! :D
1.1.2017 00:00
Happy and Successful New Year!!! :)

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